Floors play an important part in the foundation of your house. Your friends will be fascinated if your house has better walkways. Your house will be praised if your floors are furnished and well maintained. The floor gives uniqueness to the place where you live. But people forget about the renovation of the floors; they forget how important the repairing of the floor is. Your living standard is judges by the cleanness of your house floor. So avail the best services of flooring renovation by visiting our site bamboofloors.net.

We offer you a package of floor maintenance which includes a sequence of steps. The procedure involves three steps that are as follows:

  1. Sanding
  2. Polishing
  3. Oiling

All of these three steps are based on different techniques and methods.

The first step is about the removal of old layer from the surface of the floor by abrasive material. The rough material has the intensity to force out the old coatings of floor waxing and sealing. Sanding is a very important step of the process. Different machines are used to sand the floor.  Bent/drum sanding machine is used to sand the floor and to prevent the floor from the marks. Edge machine is used to sand the staircase and cabinets. And lastly, final step of sanding is done by the furnishing machine.

The second step is polishing which is used to fix and fill up the small scratches, holes that are present on the floor. It is a very step. Polishing helps in restoration of actual polish of the floor. A small circular pad is used for the polishing. The polishing process gives a finest touch to the floor. Polishing is as important as sanding is. Polishing gives a shine to the floor that is healthy for the new look of your house.

Oiling is also very important in the process of floor renovation and repairing. The oiling is the last and the final of the procedure. By this step you can give an unbelievable shine to your floor. Oiling enhances the color of the floor. The floor becomes more shinny.

We offer the best services at bamboofloors.net so that we can help you in making your floors even more ravishing. We ensure that you may satisfy with all the services that you get from bamboofloors.net.

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